We make life too complicated

We make life too complicated and there’s really no need for that. Keep things simple and laugh more. It’s important to be able to laugh at ourselves start right there.. Importantly, a broader analysis of states that repealed Sunday sales bans since 2002 found that Sunday sales were a huge success both commercially and socially. Allowing the sales has been excellent for small business owners, and there also has been no negative social impact in states that have moved to Sunday sales. Consumers have been happy with the increased convenience, since Sunday is the second busiest shopping day of the week..

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cheap ray ban sunglasses West Vancouver’s Sheila Kerr is one of two North Shore residents who sit on the Arthritis Patient Advisory Board, a group of patients who work with researchers at Arthritis Research Canada (ARC), a Lower Mainland based centre that conducts consumer driven clinical research and trials related to arthritis prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and living well. Kerr serves as a co chair of ARC’s patient advisory board. Joining her as a member is fellow West Vancouver resident Linda Hirukawa cheap ray ban sunglasses.

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